FLUID PUMPS AND SYSTEMS is the Authorised Distributor of Grundfos Pumps in various districts of Tamil Nadu. We are a company who cater end to end pump and pumping solutions. We have been a vital player in the market for the past 10 years and counting. We started ourselves as a small business entity in 2012, with the vision of providing unparalleled service to our beloved customers at the most economical price point. We have always been transparent in the communication to the customers, with no hidden talks behind the curtains, which has eased the path for the customers to approach us. We have had cordial relationships with the customer because of our committed and trustworthy services and policies.


We have steadied the ship with the ebb and flow of the competitive market, through the dedicated service and efforts from us and the support by you. Besides that, we are founded by a professional having 10 years of expertise at KSB Pumps and 11 Years at Grundfos Pumps in Sales and Service of all category pumps. The immense knowledge in the know-how of every pump design has indeed helped the customers to select the appropriate pump for their requirements.

Our Director has won many awards during his time at Grundfos for the passion and commitment he has shown in the Sales of pumps. Our company has won a couple of awards at the Grundfos meet under ‘Best Distributor Category in the South Zone’ and second at a few instances.


We have grown exponentially and have sold over 6000+ domestic pumps and 2000+ High-Pressure Pumps in our designated territory. We have a large customer base with 4000+ customers in Coimbatore and 2500+ in Tirupur, Erode and Nilgiris combined. We have assisted and supplied Grundfos pumps to various big projects by top Architects and Real Estate Developers in Coimbatore and other districts. We have reached more than 4000+ homes in Coimbatore alone with our domestic pump and are hoping to reach another 2500+ in the upcoming year.

We have profound Engineers who have dwelled in this domain for many years, who are capable of walking you through from inquiry to installation to post-sales service and beyond, single-handedly.


We have a dedicated workshop to handle the complaints, manned with dedicated work staff for handling the repairs. Our Engineers are equipped with the knowledge and the machinery to handle any adverse pump conditions and make sure that the pump is up and running. The products have met high standards in terms of high quality, durability, and lasting performance. We have covered over 2500+ services of Grundfos pumps in a span of 8 years.