The Grundfos CME Booster is a compact, frequency (VFD) controlled booster system for a large variety of domestic and light commercial applications. The CME Booster ensures great comfort by providing constant pressure, regardless of variations in demand or inlet pressure. In addition, the CME Booster makes it possible to adjust the water pressure just by the touch of a button. Also, the CME Booster is very easy to install. Once the booster has been connected to the pipeline, it is simply a matter of putting the plug into a socket, and the system is operational.



The CME Booster always provides constant pressure.

The pump is made of materials that ensure excellent corrosion resistance. The pump housing, shaft and impeller are made of high quality stainless steel, while the rest of the pump is electrophoretically painted.

The frequency controller of the CME Booster, matches the power consumption with the required water output, which can save users up to 40% power.

The CME Booster has a five-way fitting that encompasses a non-return valve, a pressure sensor, a pressure gauge and a diaphragm tank connection.

The CME Booster operates quietly at around 55 decibels, which is significantly silent than most pumps currently available in the market.

The control panel on the pump features a user-friendly interface with LED indicators showing operational status and feather touch buttons for pressure adjustment.

The CME Booster automatically stops if there is no water from the incoming pipeline

The CME Booster is effectively protected against any accidental overload by built-in thermal protection.

Technical Specifications

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