The Grundfos COMFORT range is designed for re-circulation of domestic hot water in small family houses. The COMFORT PM range is a high efficiency choice with an energy usage of only 8 W. The intelligent COMFORT AUTOADAPT PM automatically adapts to the individual’s hot water consumption pattern in the household and only runs when hot water is needed.



Every year, a typical family of three living in a household with a conventional one string plumbing system, pours up to 16.000 Lts of clean water straight down the drain as they wait for the water to run hot. The COMFORT PM pump delivers instantly hot water, which in average amounts to 60 seconds – or 0.15 litres of wasted water per second. The tangible results of the COMFORT PM pump lower costs while increasing the comfort.

The COMFORT pump learns from the user pattern and automatically adapts to guarantee the best comfort and the highest energy savings.

The water temperature is kept within a calculated range in the individual system, ensuring that. the pump runs only when required to save energy.

The pump operates continuously at full speed.

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