Grundfos Hydro MPC

Grundfos Hydro MPC is a control cabinet with a CU352 controller that permits monitoring and control of up to six identical pumps connected in parallel. The Hydro MPC is easy to install and configure and offers standby pump allocation, forced pump changeover and dry-running protection that helps in increasing the system reliability, reduce downtime and costly maintenance Soft pressure build-up minimizes risk of water hammer, reducing the risk of leakage and cost of pipe maintenance.



The manifolds are made in an extruding process that eliminates “dead corners” and reduces noise, friction loss and bacteria growth in the pipes. As a standard Hydro MPC is delivered with manifolds in hot dip galvanized iron.

Hydro MPC Systems are equipped with Grundfos IE3/IE5 motors.

Low resistance, easy to service non return valves.

The controller features a large color display that, in combination with the intelligent button lights makes it easy to operate.

The standard Hydro MPC is equipped with the CR pumps. CRI/CRN stainless steel pump, all wetted parts are SS 304/SS 316.

Technical Specifications

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