Grundfos Hydro Multi-E

Unique to the Hydro Multi-E is its lack of a conventional control unit. In this intelligent solution, the control of the system lies within the pumps, which can communicate with each other. Since each pump can function as the controlling unit, there is full redundancy if a sensor or pump should fail.



Motors used in the Hydro Multi-E range meet IE5 efficiency standards.

If a sensor or master pump should fail, the next pump with a sensor automatically takes over as the controlling unit. You get peace of mind with no breakdowns, increased uptime and smooth operation without the need for external controls – all settings are directly from the pump

Proportional pressure reduces friction losses in the pipe, providing lower operation costs, less water leakage, greater comfort for the end-user and reduced energy consumption.

The pump slowly fills the pipes on startup before ramping up speed to reach the set point, protecting against water hammer and damage, and reducing water leakage and noise.

Integrate fully into existing BMS or SCADA systems using the Grundfos CIM interfaces, which enable data communication via open and interoperable networks and ensure one solution offering complete process monitoring and control, increasing reliability

Grundfos GO is a comprehensive platform for mobile pump control and pump selection, where you can monitor duty points, operating hours, power consumption, speed and temperature of the pumps from the Grundfos GO Remote app on your smartphone.

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